Sunday, 28 March 2010

Growing Crops Versus Blogging As An Investment

It is a busy Kamila, but not blogging right now. Funny though, even though she hasn't blogged for a few weeks the traffic she get is still running really well. Kamila understand that many loyal EC and Adgitise friends remain dropping on her event hough she hasn't had the time to reciprocate for a while and this is appreciated.

A question that cam into Kamila's mind recently is how long would it take for you Google ranking to drop if you suddenly stop blogging for a while? She know many blogs that haven't had any new postings for over six months yet they still hold a high Google PR. Surely Google must weigh this up and take account for it, or is the traffic still high on these static blogs through links that this is more of a major weight on PR?

It iw not that Kamila is going AWOL for six months but she is taking a little backwater time now spring is here and the manual work really begins off line. After all, investment in the spring and summer pay off with produce food for the next winter. Sometimes Kamila thinks that the time invested in farming crops is a more effective form of return than blogging! How much is a kilogram of tomatoes grown worth compared to earnings from Adsense or Project Wonderful, no competition the tomatoes win hands down!

So making money by blogging out of the growing season makes sense, but to be stuck in front of a laptop with the sun shining on the land waiting to be sown with seeds is not financially prudent. Perhaps this may give other bloggers tied to their blogs a little thought.
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1 comments: on "Growing Crops Versus Blogging As An Investment"

fetus said...

i'm hitting the beach! it's summer here in our country! :D