Monday, 15 March 2010

Money To Be Made Out Of Fools

When Kamila just fell into a website by accident she came across a get rich quick themed site and this is what she read:

  • Get 100% FREE shares
  • No work
  • No Investment
  • No purchase
  • No risk
  • It really is a 100% FREE offer
How can anyone believe such promises was the first reaction form Kamila as the points were gone through. The message basically give the promise of something for nothing and in this world Kamila knows that nothing is free, there is always someone somewhere who has to pay. There is someone who makes a profit from fictitious offers like this so what's the catch?

Kamila of course will never find out the catch as she will not waste time trying to find out. All that she knows is that this is a scam and getting involved in scams should be avoided at all cost as time is the most important element to most people online.

Anyone who looks at the statement points above and believes them must be a fool. Mind you, the scam merchants make their money from fools so there is always a demand it seems. Why would they advertise is there wasn't a demand?

Kamila is so glad she isn't a fool.

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3 comments: on "Money To Be Made Out Of Fools"

cornyman said...

Nice, nice to hear from them if you wrote about SQIP :)

100 free shares and then you can buy additional shares & get bonus shares depending on the amount of shares you buy.

So it's already a small market place for the shares available on their website (for fools).

It only seems a good offer because they talk about getting listed on the stock market soon (but they wrote this already in 2008 :) ).

Most exciting moment is when you read that you get as affiliate 10% bonus shares and this 5 level deep (in case some of the referrals buy shares).

Just registered there but now they don't offer anymore shares, just affiliate earnings in case someone buys the telecom package (only their "Skype"-program is not yet available for download). Let's see if they spam me with ad emails :)

martin in bulgaria said...

Hi Martin,
You certainly know a bit about the scamming world.
Another point: This sounds like work to me work for nothing that is. No work was part of the deal they offer!

Anonymous said...

謝謝您囉~~很好的經驗分享! ..................................................