Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Kamila is perhaps too trusting a camel and this is not a good thing to be if you are a blogger who writes up sponsored reviews. Her outlook now to paid post reviews is certainly painted with a coat of inquiries before taking any on now. So why is this Kamila I hear you all ask?

Kamila states simply that you should not use the Blog Review Company Blogadvertisingstore, they are criminals and prey on people who need the money from reviews. Kamila is more than upset with the as they owe her well over $100 and have closed her account because of this.

It has taken Kamila and her team a year to build up $98 from various reviews and she was looking forward to going over the $100 mark which according to the conditions set was the payout level. The blog assignment was completed in the same manner as all the other blog assignments, but was not accepted due to not complying with a few reasons give. The reasons given were vague and Kamila was sure she had adhered to them all and rather than debate it wrote another review. This second paid review was then also not accepted and Kamila had seeds of doubt knowing that the reviews were accepted she was due the funds she had worked so long and hard to earn.

A Third review was written and after a week Kamila knew it would not be accepted and after had not heard whether it had been approved she tried to log into here account but found that her account had been deleted! It was at this point Kamila knew that she had been conned and a fellow Entrecard member also confirmed that the same thing happened to them.

As it stands Kamila has abided by the contract set out and earned over $100 which is owing. She has no way of getting this without incurring cost through legal sources. The company will not reply to messages. Livid is an understatement when someone STEALS money that was being relied on to help with winter fuel bills!

Kamila warns people not to use this company and don't write any further reviews for them, you will not see a cent of the money that is building up.


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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Kamila On The HTML Tweaking Road

Kamila has this idea that she should know more about HTML code. The reason is quite simple, she want to make her blog a bit more individual and she feels that there are many other bloggers out there who want to do the the same but just don't know where to start..

It is a proud Kamila that looks at her blog and has got away form the 'blogger' standard format. It took a lot of time and effort do and even without any knowledge of HTML code, with just copying and pasting code that she didn't have a clue as to the meaning of, worked. Although Kamila's blog template now is different it still isn't very individual enough for her liking. She would like to put some graphics or pictures in the heading but this is far too complicated right now and of course tie consuming. She has however managed to change the text colour and the background colours. this is just the start she feels as she learns more each week.

Without a little tutorial Kamila wouldn't have manage anything. she now has found a site that gives everything she needs to know about HTML codes yet it explains it in simple laycamel terms. You may be thinking this is a sponsored post by Kamila, but it is not. She has used w3schools.com over the past few days and found it more than useful to tweak her blog. Just as an example with the colour changes, she just went to the site section hat gave the HTML colour codes then copied and pasted on her HTML template where she found different colour codes already in place. By using the preview option she could easily see whether she liked it before saving. She did of course save her template code by downloading it then uploading this in case things went pear shaped.

This is the start of something quite exciting for Kamila as she takes another step forward in blogging technique. She invites anyone to have the confidence to try it out, it really is quite easy and fun.

Kamila says, "Happy HTML Tweaking"
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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Kamila Knows About Lingerie and What It Can Do!

Kamila is a camel, we all know that. She is also a blogger who has something to say and an opinion on many things, we also know that. What we don;t know though is how she feels about not having other camels about. There are many humans, but camel are scarce to say the least. Kamila knows that there are other camel in Bulgaria and not just confined to zoos. She has yet to meet one and often dreams about this moment that may come.

Dreaming means you are free from everything and camel tells us that she does dreams quite often and lets on what is is about most of he time. She dreamed of lingerie the other night, this was quite hard to believe as camels do not normally wear this kind of romantic clothing. Kamila said that she looks a bit ridiculous in lingerie in her dream but that sparked up a good idea. Kamila went on to explains that the very next day she said went shopping and bought some lovely lingerie as a gift for a good female friend of her's. She thought it would 'spice' up the romance with her partner and with Valentine Day coming up, this would be a good time for the opportunity to rekindle a little romance between them.

Kamlia went on by saying that love or romance is all about two people (or camels) caring enough about their partner and making an effort and an example of this is wearing beautiful Lingerie to give more romantic evenings and bedtime moments. Whether is it a special occasion or not Kamila says that lingerie says a lot about romance.

We were amazed at Kamila's perception of lingerie and quite taken back by her care for other people int he romance department. We do hope that one day she does meet another camel and falls in love. who knows, last years she got a Valentine card, but it still remains a mystery. Perhaps this year she may have another one or more. Let's also hope that Kamila carries on dreaming beautiful and happy dreams, we love hearing about them.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Top Ten Entrecard Droppers For January 2010

Kamila has to say that whoever joins and actively take part in Entrecard is a winner. Credits earned by dropping can be used for advertising on other EC members' blogs or buying material goods and services in the Entrecard market place. There are many good friends to be made on Entrecard and Kamila is more than grateful for having made many.

This aside, Kamila is glad to announce more winners from Entrecard. This is a monthly accolade awarded to the top ten Entrecard bloggers who consistently dropped on Kamila's blog over the last month. It is nice to see new faces on this month's list and of course also glad to see old friends of Kamila still in the frame on a regular monthly basis. One old friend of Kamila's came out top this month Wineworld's Blog.

Don't forget that there is 300 credits to the top dropper and 100 the 2nd to 10th place! In Addition the top dog gets their EC widget on Kamila's home page for the following month. There is a regular feed giving the top five place daily so you know whether you are in contention throughout the month.
Dropper # of drops
Winesworld's blog 31
Funky Town Disco Music 30
Sparkle 30
One World Realty 29
Tyson Chaney's Life 2000 29
BeadedTail 28
Let's Jump Together 28
Photography by KML 28
EzGreatLife 28
Republic of A 28

Kamlia says, "Thanks and spend the credits awarded wisely chaps."