Monday, 1 February 2010

Top Ten Entrecard Droppers For January 2010

Kamila has to say that whoever joins and actively take part in Entrecard is a winner. Credits earned by dropping can be used for advertising on other EC members' blogs or buying material goods and services in the Entrecard market place. There are many good friends to be made on Entrecard and Kamila is more than grateful for having made many.

This aside, Kamila is glad to announce more winners from Entrecard. This is a monthly accolade awarded to the top ten Entrecard bloggers who consistently dropped on Kamila's blog over the last month. It is nice to see new faces on this month's list and of course also glad to see old friends of Kamila still in the frame on a regular monthly basis. One old friend of Kamila's came out top this month Wineworld's Blog.

Don't forget that there is 300 credits to the top dropper and 100 the 2nd to 10th place! In Addition the top dog gets their EC widget on Kamila's home page for the following month. There is a regular feed giving the top five place daily so you know whether you are in contention throughout the month.
Dropper # of drops
Winesworld's blog 31
Funky Town Disco Music 30
Sparkle 30
One World Realty 29
Tyson Chaney's Life 2000 29
BeadedTail 28
Let's Jump Together 28
Photography by KML 28
EzGreatLife 28
Republic of A 28

Kamlia says, "Thanks and spend the credits awarded wisely chaps."

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John @ Family, Fitness and Finances said...

Thanks for the link love Kamila! It is surely appreciated! Thanks for all your visits and drops to my blog, as well. Stop by and register for my contest, you could win 10,000 ec's...that could buy a lot of ads... :) Take care!

Stock Tips said...
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