Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Kamila is perhaps too trusting a camel and this is not a good thing to be if you are a blogger who writes up sponsored reviews. Her outlook now to paid post reviews is certainly painted with a coat of inquiries before taking any on now. So why is this Kamila I hear you all ask?

Kamila states simply that you should not use the Blog Review Company Blogadvertisingstore, they are criminals and prey on people who need the money from reviews. Kamila is more than upset with the as they owe her well over $100 and have closed her account because of this.

It has taken Kamila and her team a year to build up $98 from various reviews and she was looking forward to going over the $100 mark which according to the conditions set was the payout level. The blog assignment was completed in the same manner as all the other blog assignments, but was not accepted due to not complying with a few reasons give. The reasons given were vague and Kamila was sure she had adhered to them all and rather than debate it wrote another review. This second paid review was then also not accepted and Kamila had seeds of doubt knowing that the reviews were accepted she was due the funds she had worked so long and hard to earn.

A Third review was written and after a week Kamila knew it would not be accepted and after had not heard whether it had been approved she tried to log into here account but found that her account had been deleted! It was at this point Kamila knew that she had been conned and a fellow Entrecard member also confirmed that the same thing happened to them.

As it stands Kamila has abided by the contract set out and earned over $100 which is owing. She has no way of getting this without incurring cost through legal sources. The company will not reply to messages. Livid is an understatement when someone STEALS money that was being relied on to help with winter fuel bills!

Kamila warns people not to use this company and don't write any further reviews for them, you will not see a cent of the money that is building up.


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fetus said...

oh you beat me to posting a blog about this. i'll include a link of this post of yours once my post is up. i really want to do a viral blog so that when people search about them, we'll make sure that they would stay away from this scammer.

so whoever were victimized by them, please come forward and help us bring down this site!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Nice one fetus. Always more effective when teams are formed.

Anonymous said...

hollygod, makin honest work for honest money but scammed.Thanks man, visit my blog ?

Terri said...

Definitely got scammed by this one too... but I've made $102 (been that way for well over 6 month) and they haven't deleted my account, but it's surprising.