Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kamila Secures Another PR5 Back Link

Kamila Secures Another PR5 Back LinkKamila always has that ‘feel good factor’ when she submits here blog into a directory and gets accepted. Today is one of those days and it is an even better feeling know that the directory called the Super Blog directory is a PR5.

Many directories just accept Kamila blog link without much vetting, surely that is a sign that the directory doesn‘t care too much about quality blogs it lists. Kamila still applies for all directories she can lay her hands on, but quality directories are more likely to get you visitors.

Kamila Secures Another PR5 Back LinkIt is always in Kamila’s mind that all this work will pay dividends later in the years when Google see the array of high ranking back-links she has accumulated. As Kamila has said before, it is all about doing a little each day rather than sporadic cramming. She is right you know!

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Monday, 29 June 2009

Five Simple Tips To Get Better Google Search Engine Rankings

LONDON - APRIL 13:  (FILE PHOTO) In this photo...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

There are simple little tips to get you further up the Google search engine rankings, which Kamila found out the other day. She knows of course that there is 101 ways where you can improve in this area, but “Cairo wasn’t built in a day,” as Kamila says.

Kamila found out that the tips to get further up the list of Google search engine ranking is really easy to do. Kamila being a kind and generous camel is going to give a five-tip list for others:

  1. The title of a post should have keywords in it.
  2. The keywords should be written up and labelled in the tag section.
  3. Key words should be mentioned in the first couple of sentences and spread out in other places in the post.
  4. Mark these key words bold to give them more weighting in Google’s eyes.
  5. If you have any pictures in your post, look for it in the HTML version of the post. Then look for alt="" and post the title in between the inverted commas e.g. alt=”copy and paste you title here”.

Five Simple Tips To Get Better Google Search Engine RankingsMost bloggers know about this and practice, but many don’t including Kamila up until now. This is all new to her and another step along the way of becoming a more successful camel blogger. She just didn’t know that these little tips would make a big difference to the way Google look at her posts.

“Happy SEOing!” says Kamila.
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Friday, 26 June 2009

Kamila Remains A Blogspot Blogger

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...

Kamila has decided to remain under the blogspot banner. This wasn’t an easy decision and it was based on the fact that she has seen many other esteemed bloggers happily running blogs on the same format. At the end of the day a re-run of building up her PR from scratch and looking many back links is a step too far and she does intend to become a blogging empire. She just wants to earn a few dollars a day to help out the Bulgarian family she lives with. What she should have done was get her own domain when starting up, that is the advice that comes out loud and clear from more experienced bloggers.

So, Kamila is not changing anything right now and is quite content with that.

On another front, Kamila tried out the ‘Entrebar’ system where you can drop from a menu bar without having to go into the Entrecard site. She found it useful but there were little bugs in the system that caused the bar to mix up with the existing navigation bar when not actively in use. Also she couldn’t drop on cards that had been dropped on her from the day before. As the new day starts at 7:00 in the morning in Bulgaria, Kamila likes to do her drops just after the day kicks in and there are only a couple of droppers for that new day. She doesn’t like the idea of dropping in the evening as she joins the Bulgarian family outside each evening. With this in mind she does not use the system, but feels it would be good for others who have different routines.

“Have a lovely weekend,” says Kamila.
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?

Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?

Carrying on using the free blogspot or whether to get her own domain is in Kamila’s mind right now. There is a dilemma in her mind and she has to weigh up the reasons for and the reasons against to make take or not take that step.

Kamila is a camel blogger who is wising up slowly, but right at this moment in time she doesn’t really know that much about blogging and SEO. She is on a steep learning curve and has made quite a few mistakes to date, but has learnt from them.

Getting her own domain should have been done when she first started blogging, but she didn’t know this at the time. A cost of around $10 a year is all it would have cost, but it would have given her more pay per post jobs wither own domain and paid that after just a couple of posts.

Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?Changing to her own domain now can be done at the click of a mouse but she will start off again with a PR0 and all her links will have to start from scratch again. Fair do, all her traffic will be redirected to her new domain and her site will have more credibility with the shorter title.

“Mmmm,” we hear Kamila murmor as she ponders the thought of the work that will be needed to bring it back to the level where she stands right now.

Decisions are hard for Kamila as she seeks advice from other bloggers on this one.

“Any advice on this one would be gratefully received!” says Kamila.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Zimbio - Doing Kamila A Favour For Nothing

Zimbio - Doing Kamila A Favour For Nothing

Kamila submitted to another site today called Zimbio. It is not a directory, but she found it would have the same effect. It is an interactive magazine that has over 18 million readers and is a Google PR 6. So Kamila now has a link that is updated each time she posts a blog on a high PR.

Kamila obviously read up before she joined and found that Zimbio takes members’ personal posts and makes them available to a network of wikizines. These them can be made into you own new wikizine in minutes. You can vote on the quality, add comments, write more articles, add opinions and interact with others. Kamila however won’t be doing much of that. She is just quite content knowing that each time she publishes a post it will be updated with Zimbio. There is an in-house point system they use as well.

This is Kamila’s policy now, to look for new ways where she can get linked in to higher-ranking sites, which will look good and improve her own ranking hopefully.

The little blue Zimbio widget also fits in really neatly with all the others she has joined previously. It took just one minute to sign up for free, another minute to place the widget on her blog and the job is done!

My Zimbio

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Monday, 22 June 2009

Hits4Pay Still Money In The Bank For Kamila

Hits4Pay Still Money In The Bank For KamilaKamila had a great weekend, no blogging just sapping up the sun and letting time that goes by make money online. She still can’t believe that there is earning being made whilst she is offline with the programmes running on the blogosphere every second of the day and night. It never used to be like that in Egypt, her mother had to work very hard for her food and drink.

Mondays seem to be a reflection each week for Kamila. She looks how the week has gone and reflects on how she can improve. This is a really sensible only way to make progress.

She had a blogging friend giving her a bit of advice on Hits4Pay, which she joined up last week. Now Corneyman has a money advice blog himself, Kamila often visits him as he has many websites on a variety of topics and seems very well versed in many areas of money-making online with these. In fact Kamila quite looks up to his blogs and takes some good ideas form some of his posts. She would certainly recommmend other bloggers to view his sites

The advice given was that Hits4Pay wasn’t a good way of earning much money. A few cent each month after the initial £10 signup fee and that’s it. You would have to get 100’s of people to sign up to make anything out of the scheme. This on reflection was good information and Kamila took it on board. She wasn’t’ about to give up on Hits4Pay though as it still earned her a little money and it didn’t take up any blog space other than the post in the archives. She argued that lots of little earners such as Hit4Pay added to others would still be earning with little or no work involved and this is what she was after.

Hits4Pay Still Money In The Bank For KamilaKamila certainly isn’t a greedy camel; she just wants to earn a little to help with paying bills and paying kindness to her not so new Bulgarian family now. So she will stand firm with Hits4Pay and thank Cornyman for his kind advice and caring. Kamila is finding so many nice blogging people it is a pleasure to be part of this family as well.

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Friday, 19 June 2009

Kamila Joins Hits4Pay An Gets $10 Credit For Nothing

Kamila Joins Hits4Pay An Gets $10 Credit For NothingKamila has joined Hits4Pay for free and now has a $10 credit to her name. Each time she clicks on an ad she will ear 2 cents. It may take here quite a few months to build up to the $25 payout through PayPal, but this is all part of the bits and pieces that add together on her site that is building up nicely.

Just to give you an idea of how the Hits4Pay system works, Kamila has given a summary of the rules that apply. It is very simple

  • $0.02 is credited for each websites ad visited.
  • You must click on the link on each advertisement sent to you via email and let it load for 60 seconds. that's all there is to it.
  • Hits4Pay commissions are paid via PayPal, not by cheque.
  • Members have to reach the minimum balance of $25.00 to be paid and will be paid around the 15th of each month.
  • Accounts that do not meet the minimum payout requirement will have their balance carried over to the next month.
  • Each member will receive a signup bonus of $10.00 for signing up and this is added to your Total Current Balance, you are nearly half way to that $25 with this onboard!

Kamila Joins Hits4Pay An Gets $10 Credit For NothingKamila knows that this is not a big earner, but she is quite content to let it run building up even if it takes to Christmas, this will be another little earner trickling in money.

Kamila has also joined as an affiliate and invites you to join. Again this is for free and for $10 kick start. Besides which she will get $0.01 on top in commission form clicks made from other Hits4Pay members referred without any loss of revenue.

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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Above The Fold For Entrecard? - Kamila Thinks

Above The Fold For Entrecard? - Kamila Thinks

Kamila has only just discovered what above the fold means. It is the view of a site you get on the initial view of the site, i.e. before any scrolling down is done. Above the fold seems to be a requirement to many Entrecard members in fact Kamila has found out that many lists have been made up of Entrecard sites that only have the EC widget above the fold.

This is a bit of a giveaway that those who just drop on above the fold positioned widgets are the drop and run brigade. With this is mind Kamila is no seriously thinking whether it is worth putting her EC widget below the fold to avoid the bounce factor.

Above The Fold For Entrecard? - Kamila ThinksThe way Kamila drops is based on those who have dropped on her, she has not list other than from the Entrecard menu that show which bloggers have dropped on her. She feels that just getting a list for speed and convenience isn’t in the spirit of Entrecard so won’t entertain this, even is hundred of others do.

The thinking cap in on Kamila again with this discovery, but she won’t do anything hasty.

“Have a good day!” says Kamila

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kamila Now Uses Free Link Sites

Kamila looks like she will be spending more time on getting back links as she aims to get a PR3 for the next Google assessment. Finding high PR sites to get back links on isn’t that difficult.

She has already opened an account now with two free link sites Link2me and Linkmarket where she can pick and choose which sites she wants to exchange links with. This way they will be also relevant to Kamila’s site. She already has a few that she has exchanged with but has refused more than she has taken on.

Kamila has found that it does take a little time out of your day to do this, but it pays dividends in the long run. She now makes it part of her daily routine to check these two sites for new links she can request and of course sites that have requested her link. The beauty is this service is free but you do have the option to pay for a premium service with all the trimmings. Kamila is quite happy doing a little each day rather than subscribe and overload her site.

Little by little regularly seems to be the key to success in blogging.

“Take Care,” says Kamila.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Show Off Your Link With "Linkshowoff"

Show Off Your Link With Kamila managed to install the “Linkshowoff” link widget she found yesterday where bloggers could pay a dollar for a link to be put on it. She wasn’t quite sure how it worked initially so she had to do a bit of reading up on it to fully understand the system. Kamila was quite impressed with the whole scheme by the end of it and would like to share this with others.

Firstly, it doesn’t have to be a dollar it can be any fee for the link, but a dollar is a good figure to start off with. Kamila wondered how long that link had to be on the widget, was it forever? No is works on a roll and drop off system. You can firstly choose how many links you want on the widget and it will fill up to that number as advertisers come along and fill it up. Kamila has opted for 10 links, so if the eleventh advertiser comes along, the first one drops off the system.

Show Off Your Link With As Kamila said yesterday, it is a really easy system good value for money and on Kamila’s site in a prominent place for all visitors to see. She has noticed recently that many other bloggers are using this advertising link widget so it must be popular.

It is of course the waiting game and hopefully Kamila will get her first paid link on her blog soon. In the meantime she is working on building up more visitors.

You too can get on by following this link ->Linkshowoff

“All for now,” says Kamila.
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Monday, 15 June 2009

$1 For A Link On Kamila's Site Planned

$1 For A Link On Kamila's Site PlannedAfter a weekend of sunshine, lovely food and drink and a long rest, Kamila is full of beans this morning. She is on the hunt for new ideas on how to expand the passive income on her site.

$1 For A Link On Kamila's Site PlannedThis morning she found system where people can put their link on here site for just $1. This seemed a very simple system with no strings attached so Kamila is now getting it up and running and hopes that some bloggers with take it up. It should be on her blog by the end of the day.

All things looking bright on the blogging front, let’s see what other things Kamila can find out about tomorrow. She really is a keen blogger right now and learns very fast that there are lots of things waiting out there to try.

“See you soon!” says Kamila.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Kamila Has The Hump

It is a rather frustrated Kamila who whilst surfing yesterday on the World Blog Surfing Day got held up by bloggers who hadn’t put a post in as they promised. Why promise and break that promise?

Kamila just can’t understand why people are like that. They could quite easily just put a link to the next blog and nothing else if they don’t have the time to write an article. That way there wouldn’t be a hold up for people who were on the surfing world tour.

Now Kamila is never one to moan, but when people spoil things for other people this does give cause to moan. Kamila right now has the hump!

“Well done to all those who contributed!” says Kamila
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Saturday, 13 June 2009

World Blog Surf Day - Kamila Recommends It

World Blog Surf Day - Kamila Recommends ItJust a quick note from Kamila to remind everyone that it is World Blog Surf Day today. There are blogs about food from all around the world. Kamila is going to travel around the world surfing this evening getting a truly international tour and taste.

You can start anywhere you like and you will be whisked off on a wave of blogs geographically taking you from one country to another. Some of the countries you will visit are South America, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Italy and of course not forgetting my own home Bulgaria. Why not take the tour on this special celebratory day of world food.

You can start off from Bulgaria here -> Bulgaria or just click on the World Blog Surf Day widget below and choose any worldwide location to start.

World Blog Surf Day - Kamila Recommends It
Kamila says, “Happy World Blog Surfing”

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Friday, 12 June 2009

Winding Down For The Weekend - Not Kamila!

Winding down the week is never the case for Kamila. She always likes to make sure she can enjoy the weekend with the knowledge that she has earned her rest. Friday is a day where she can have a work surge in effort and sign off the evening tired. The tired feeling is a good one, as then she will be looking forward to the relaxation that following two days called “The weekend.”

Today the surge was on Entrecard drops. She has been dropping regularly, but the droppers on her have remains static, so Kamila decided to have a spurge to try and get some more that will exchange more often. Also, she has put in a few more directory listings, boring work, but pays dividends in the long run.

Also Kamila has noticed that her Project Wonderful sponsors have been upping the bids somewhat. She is not quite sure why as her traffic hasn’t increased substantially and that’s what most sponsor bid on.

Anyway, a tired Kamila will sleep well tonight and tomorrow she is to have two days in a row off. No point in scraping the bottom of the energy barrel.

“Enjoy your weekend!” Says Kamila.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kamila Thinks Too Much

Opening (inverted) and closing question marks ...

Essentially Kamila is writing for a living and currently earns just under $1 a day from passive advertising and pay per clicks systems and sporadic earning ranging from $1 to $10 from sponsored posts. Kamila feels that the time spent working is not really commensurate to the earning she makes, it is well below the minimum wage, even for camels.

She spends at least two hours a day online, but she looks at it from the point of a hobby rather than work. The money she gets form it is a bonus. She does feel that many people earn money or gain reward from hobbies. Take gardening for instance, a great hobby with the fruits and vegetables as payment. Blogging is no different as far a Kamila can see.

Kamila is more than happy to continue blogging, but what would happen if the earning disappeared? Would Kamila carry on blogging everyday for no money?

Kamila has thought this about this and she is not quite sure of the answer. She loves people to know about what she gets up to and of course she still has to pay for the electric and Internet connection fees so she would be running at a loss is revenue stopped. Also she does need an income to help the family she is living with who struggle as it is. She would have to find another source of income outside her blogging hobby, pretty difficult for a camel that can’t write or speak Bulgarian!

“Living from day-to-day” is the family motto here. Kamila is a worrier and we often tell her to not worry about tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. So the thoughts of blogging earning drying up shouldn’t be worried about, it may never happen.

“Kamila you do too much thinking,” we tell Kamila.

“I know,” she replies.
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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bloggapedia - Worth Joining There's Money In It Now

Kamila had already joined up with Bloggapedia a few months ago. It is a well known blog directory. She has now has taken up the offer they made today by syndicating her blog. Kamila didn’t have to think to hard about this as it only took less than a minute to do and there is no further action needed.

How it works is quite simple. Kamila understood it very well. She has copied the explanation made by Bloggapedia so if you aren’t a member already it is worth joining up in the first instance then you can take the option that is explained here. In any case, directories are always worth joining for links and visits.

Here we go then:
Essentially, it means there are websites out there that would like to offer your blog content for download on devices like smartphones and e-readers, for a small fee. Because these websites are looking for the best of the best in blog content, they've partnered with Bloggapedia If you choose to allow us to syndicate your blog you'll receive a 30% royalty on the profit from the syndication of your blog once the submission of your blog listing is approved.

Whenever someone downloads your blog content onto their device via Bloggapedia's syndication service, we'll pass on 30% of Bloggapedia's revenue from that sale to you! Payments are made quarterly; minimum payout $25. Funds will accrue in your account until the minimum payout amount is reached.

Very simple, I’m sure you will agree. Kamila has given you the link where you can submit your blog here -> www.bloggapedia.com

“Bye for now,” Says Kamila

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kamila To Pay For A Holiday From Blog Earnings

Vacation village on the Black Sea coast

Today Kamila was walking in the garden and her mind was in the clouds, except there weren’t any clouds that we could see, it was a clear blue sky with radiant sunshine streaming down on this camel blogger. The clouds were clouds of though I her mind. We asked her what was on her mind.

Kamila paused and looked at us for a moment as if her thoughts were being gathered together. She told us that she was thinking of taking us on a weekend trip to the Black Sea Coast later in the summer from the earnings she makes from blogging.

We thanked here for the thought, but said that she was very optimistic that she could earn enough to cover the costs of a weekend break. Kamila insisted that from a couple of sponsored post alongside Entrecard and Adgitize payments. She could afford the petrol to get us there the small amount of rent to place out tent and enough for food that we could easily make at home and take with us. There would probably be enough for a couple of ice creams and snacks as well.

Well Kamila was right, weekend camping trip covering all costs to the Black Sea Coast for two people and a camel if done the Bulgarian way could be achieved. $50 would cover everything and that could easily be earned.

Kamila gathered her thoughts again and went back to her laptop with a new incentive, to treat her Bulgarian family to a weekend holiday probably in August or September. That would be lovely and everyone would be happy.

Image by Boby Dimitrov via Flickr
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