Monday, 1 June 2009

Lots of Clicks Needed On Adgitize

It was an early rise this morning as Kamila got back to work after her day of rest yesterday. She has got lots of ideas now, but the first job was to get Adgitize sorted out.

Kamila is having trouble getting into a routine or clicking on ads from Adgitize advertisers. So she thought about how she could overcome all these extra clicks she has to make when going through Adgitized blogs. The trouble is every time she clicks on an ad it brings up a new window then she has to go back the original window and click again to highlight that blog again and then delete it with another click. From start to finish there are four clicks to each credit; five if an Entrecard drop is made and extra clicks if scrolling is needed.

For 20 ad clicks that can be well over 100 clicks on the mouse, not good for RSI suffers, Kamila’s hooves are beginning to ache from this and she wonders if there is a better way to get through on clicks on ads. What do other bloggers do? Do they go through the same motions?

The good thing is that Kamila gets to read some of the more interesting blogs that she gets through, so there is a silver lining there for her.

Anyway, Kamila is now full of resolve and on track to make a little more by getting over that 300 points which basically more than doubles your money earned on the 299 mark!

Kamila says “See you tomorrow!”
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