Monday, 8 June 2009

Kamila Earns More From Adgitize And Extends An Offer

After a lazy Sunday in the sweltering heat camel has now recharged her hump and is now full of energy for today. No Monday blues as Kamila sets about her daily drops and researching for more moneymaking ideas online.

Today Adgitize paid out $10.90 for May’s earning for Kamila but that was only for 20 days of May as a bit of juggling with accounts went on. This is very pleasing for Kamila who now is looking to top $15 next month. This is for very little work other than posting a daily blog and a few clicks on Adgitize widgets whilst dropping on Entrecard. How many other ways is there to earn this kind of money every month with no penalties on Google PR?

Kamila is of the opinion that Adgitize is the best of its kind around and that others who have not joined up should do so. She is to extend her offer of 100 EC credits to anyone who joins up through her (It would be practical is you are a Entrecard member obviously.) It will cost you nothing to join, get the 100 EC credits from Kamila; you are guaranteed cash through Pay pal each month for doing absolutely nothing, but earning substantially more with very little work as Kamila has proved.

There’s the invitation and here’s the route to these benefits below.

----- THIS OFFER FROM KAMILA ENDS ON 30th June 2009 -----

Kamila wishes everyone a blogging day and increased profits.
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2 comments: on "Kamila Earns More From Adgitize And Extends An Offer"

Sandy said...

You've got me curious. Gonna go check out Adgitize, then if it looks good...I come back to your blog to join from here? So you get credit etc?


Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Sandy,

It has some rave reviews from many people. A few critic will a little time down on occasions, but it's free and the owner is a nice chap. He's always very helpful to blogger whether human or camel.

Kamila says, "Hi!"