Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Zimbio - Doing Kamila A Favour For Nothing

Zimbio - Doing Kamila A Favour For Nothing

Kamila submitted to another site today called Zimbio. It is not a directory, but she found it would have the same effect. It is an interactive magazine that has over 18 million readers and is a Google PR 6. So Kamila now has a link that is updated each time she posts a blog on a high PR.

Kamila obviously read up before she joined and found that Zimbio takes members’ personal posts and makes them available to a network of wikizines. These them can be made into you own new wikizine in minutes. You can vote on the quality, add comments, write more articles, add opinions and interact with others. Kamila however won’t be doing much of that. She is just quite content knowing that each time she publishes a post it will be updated with Zimbio. There is an in-house point system they use as well.

This is Kamila’s policy now, to look for new ways where she can get linked in to higher-ranking sites, which will look good and improve her own ranking hopefully.

The little blue Zimbio widget also fits in really neatly with all the others she has joined previously. It took just one minute to sign up for free, another minute to place the widget on her blog and the job is done!

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1 comments: on "Zimbio - Doing Kamila A Favour For Nothing"

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I never heard of this before. I'll try to check it out sometime when I'm not so busy.