Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kamila Thinks Too Much

Opening (inverted) and closing question marks ...

Essentially Kamila is writing for a living and currently earns just under $1 a day from passive advertising and pay per clicks systems and sporadic earning ranging from $1 to $10 from sponsored posts. Kamila feels that the time spent working is not really commensurate to the earning she makes, it is well below the minimum wage, even for camels.

She spends at least two hours a day online, but she looks at it from the point of a hobby rather than work. The money she gets form it is a bonus. She does feel that many people earn money or gain reward from hobbies. Take gardening for instance, a great hobby with the fruits and vegetables as payment. Blogging is no different as far a Kamila can see.

Kamila is more than happy to continue blogging, but what would happen if the earning disappeared? Would Kamila carry on blogging everyday for no money?

Kamila has thought this about this and she is not quite sure of the answer. She loves people to know about what she gets up to and of course she still has to pay for the electric and Internet connection fees so she would be running at a loss is revenue stopped. Also she does need an income to help the family she is living with who struggle as it is. She would have to find another source of income outside her blogging hobby, pretty difficult for a camel that can’t write or speak Bulgarian!

“Living from day-to-day” is the family motto here. Kamila is a worrier and we often tell her to not worry about tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. So the thoughts of blogging earning drying up shouldn’t be worried about, it may never happen.

“Kamila you do too much thinking,” we tell Kamila.

“I know,” she replies.
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2 comments: on "Kamila Thinks Too Much"

Dorothy said...

Good luck hope you are able to increase your income blogging is really fun and your right making making money is an extra bonus.

Dorothy from grammology

Kamila The Camel said...

Kamila says "Hi Dorothy. Thank you for your comment. Fun is the word."