Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Show Off Your Link With "Linkshowoff"

Show Off Your Link With Kamila managed to install the “Linkshowoff” link widget she found yesterday where bloggers could pay a dollar for a link to be put on it. She wasn’t quite sure how it worked initially so she had to do a bit of reading up on it to fully understand the system. Kamila was quite impressed with the whole scheme by the end of it and would like to share this with others.

Firstly, it doesn’t have to be a dollar it can be any fee for the link, but a dollar is a good figure to start off with. Kamila wondered how long that link had to be on the widget, was it forever? No is works on a roll and drop off system. You can firstly choose how many links you want on the widget and it will fill up to that number as advertisers come along and fill it up. Kamila has opted for 10 links, so if the eleventh advertiser comes along, the first one drops off the system.

Show Off Your Link With As Kamila said yesterday, it is a really easy system good value for money and on Kamila’s site in a prominent place for all visitors to see. She has noticed recently that many other bloggers are using this advertising link widget so it must be popular.

It is of course the waiting game and hopefully Kamila will get her first paid link on her blog soon. In the meantime she is working on building up more visitors.

You too can get on by following this link ->Linkshowoff

“All for now,” says Kamila.
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