Thursday, 25 June 2009

Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?

Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?

Carrying on using the free blogspot or whether to get her own domain is in Kamila’s mind right now. There is a dilemma in her mind and she has to weigh up the reasons for and the reasons against to make take or not take that step.

Kamila is a camel blogger who is wising up slowly, but right at this moment in time she doesn’t really know that much about blogging and SEO. She is on a steep learning curve and has made quite a few mistakes to date, but has learnt from them.

Getting her own domain should have been done when she first started blogging, but she didn’t know this at the time. A cost of around $10 a year is all it would have cost, but it would have given her more pay per post jobs wither own domain and paid that after just a couple of posts.

Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?Changing to her own domain now can be done at the click of a mouse but she will start off again with a PR0 and all her links will have to start from scratch again. Fair do, all her traffic will be redirected to her new domain and her site will have more credibility with the shorter title.

“Mmmm,” we hear Kamila murmor as she ponders the thought of the work that will be needed to bring it back to the level where she stands right now.

Decisions are hard for Kamila as she seeks advice from other bloggers on this one.

“Any advice on this one would be gratefully received!” says Kamila.

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3 comments: on "Own Weblog Domain? - Yes Or No?"

Dorothy said...

Take the plunge if you have support you'll never look back. Keep your old one up and advertise your new on with some giveaway or prize until your comfortable or keep them both. Good luck...

Dorothy from grammology

Kamila The Camel said...

Kamila says thank you for you valued advice. It has been taken on board but Kamila feels that taking the plunge is one step too much right now. Perhaps when she gets more experienced she will take it up.

It is all down to confidence for Kamila right now and besides the weather is so good outside (hot and sunny camel weather) it is not a good time to start right now.

Appreciate your thoughts Dorothy
Warm regards Kamila

Blogger said...

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