Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pay Per Post Don't Like Camels - Allegedly


Kamila was very surprised to receive an email from Pay Per Post telling here that her application to join up as a writer had been declined. She wasn’t angry, just confused as to why many other blogs of a lesser standard and certainly much poorer traffic had gained acceptance and she hadn’t. Maybe they just don’t like camels was her immediate thought on the matter.

Pay Per Post Doesn't Like Camels - AllegedlyShe is not worried as she knows that she is quite capable of writing sponsored posts after all she has already been paid to do so by Blogsvertise. They seemed quite happen to have a camel write for them.

Right now Kamila is happy to plod on and perhaps look for other sponsored organisations she can join up with, there are plenty around, beside Pay Per Post are generally very poor payers.

Happier Days ahead for Kamila
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3 comments: on "Pay Per Post Don't Like Camels - Allegedly"

Laura said...

No worries, Kamila. You're still loved. It's Pay Per Post's loss, not your's.

Kamila The Camel said...

Thanks Laura, You have topped up Kamila's confidence with that comment.

cazx said...

That is discrimination... I bet they'd take an alpaca!