Friday, 26 June 2009

Kamila Remains A Blogspot Blogger

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Kamila has decided to remain under the blogspot banner. This wasn’t an easy decision and it was based on the fact that she has seen many other esteemed bloggers happily running blogs on the same format. At the end of the day a re-run of building up her PR from scratch and looking many back links is a step too far and she does intend to become a blogging empire. She just wants to earn a few dollars a day to help out the Bulgarian family she lives with. What she should have done was get her own domain when starting up, that is the advice that comes out loud and clear from more experienced bloggers.

So, Kamila is not changing anything right now and is quite content with that.

On another front, Kamila tried out the ‘Entrebar’ system where you can drop from a menu bar without having to go into the Entrecard site. She found it useful but there were little bugs in the system that caused the bar to mix up with the existing navigation bar when not actively in use. Also she couldn’t drop on cards that had been dropped on her from the day before. As the new day starts at 7:00 in the morning in Bulgaria, Kamila likes to do her drops just after the day kicks in and there are only a couple of droppers for that new day. She doesn’t like the idea of dropping in the evening as she joins the Bulgarian family outside each evening. With this in mind she does not use the system, but feels it would be good for others who have different routines.

“Have a lovely weekend,” says Kamila.
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