Thursday, 18 June 2009

Above The Fold For Entrecard? - Kamila Thinks

Above The Fold For Entrecard? - Kamila Thinks

Kamila has only just discovered what above the fold means. It is the view of a site you get on the initial view of the site, i.e. before any scrolling down is done. Above the fold seems to be a requirement to many Entrecard members in fact Kamila has found out that many lists have been made up of Entrecard sites that only have the EC widget above the fold.

This is a bit of a giveaway that those who just drop on above the fold positioned widgets are the drop and run brigade. With this is mind Kamila is no seriously thinking whether it is worth putting her EC widget below the fold to avoid the bounce factor.

Above The Fold For Entrecard? - Kamila ThinksThe way Kamila drops is based on those who have dropped on her, she has not list other than from the Entrecard menu that show which bloggers have dropped on her. She feels that just getting a list for speed and convenience isn’t in the spirit of Entrecard so won’t entertain this, even is hundred of others do.

The thinking cap in on Kamila again with this discovery, but she won’t do anything hasty.

“Have a good day!” says Kamila

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