Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Adbrite - Wait A Month For Accurate Stats

Adbrite - Wait A Month For Accurate StatsImage via CrunchBase

Adbrite has been running now for about a week and Kamila has just made 6 cents, actually roughly the same as she would have got for Adsense in recent history so she will pursue them for a while longer. The statistics that advertisers see don’t really show the true traffic until the traffic stats have been running for at least a month.

Kamila is still looking at other options for banners, even widget swaps from other bloggers if they wish, but she has been a but too shy to approach those that might want to do this. I won’t bring in any funds, but will get in more visitors for the sharing parties. Kamila guesses that she would have to find a blogger with a similar PR and hit rate to strike any exchange deals. Maybe she’ll get something in the pipeline later this week.

Adbrite - Wait A Month For Accurate StatsIn the meantime Kamila was glad to see that Entrecard offered double points yesterday for all droppers. Unfortunately Kamila was out partying last night so couldn’t take advantage of it, if only Graham had given warning in advance rather than telling Entrecard members via a personal email halfway through the day. Maybe next time.

Kamila wishes you all a good blogging day now that Monday has passed, yes even camels don’t like Mondays.
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