Monday, 29 June 2009

Five Simple Tips To Get Better Google Search Engine Rankings

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There are simple little tips to get you further up the Google search engine rankings, which Kamila found out the other day. She knows of course that there is 101 ways where you can improve in this area, but “Cairo wasn’t built in a day,” as Kamila says.

Kamila found out that the tips to get further up the list of Google search engine ranking is really easy to do. Kamila being a kind and generous camel is going to give a five-tip list for others:

  1. The title of a post should have keywords in it.
  2. The keywords should be written up and labelled in the tag section.
  3. Key words should be mentioned in the first couple of sentences and spread out in other places in the post.
  4. Mark these key words bold to give them more weighting in Google’s eyes.
  5. If you have any pictures in your post, look for it in the HTML version of the post. Then look for alt="" and post the title in between the inverted commas e.g. alt=”copy and paste you title here”.

Five Simple Tips To Get Better Google Search Engine RankingsMost bloggers know about this and practice, but many don’t including Kamila up until now. This is all new to her and another step along the way of becoming a more successful camel blogger. She just didn’t know that these little tips would make a big difference to the way Google look at her posts.

“Happy SEOing!” says Kamila.
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6 comments: on "Five Simple Tips To Get Better Google Search Engine Rankings"

Tomas said...

Thank you for the explanation of how to place the pictures appropriately. That was new to me. And I am going to look up how my HTML looks like.
Thank you once again

Kamila The Camel said...

Kamila says no problem Toma. She is all new to this as well you know.

arie said...

nice tips. is google PR influence search engine rankings?

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Arie,
Kamila thinks that the higher your Google PR ranking the more weighting is given to search engines. It is a great big melting pot of factors and this is one of them.

Joy said...

Thanks Kamila! I already was aware of most of these but it's always good to review. I'm working on getting better at writing for SEO so I need all the review and practice I can get. :)

Amanda said...

I didn't know the part about the bolded words, so that was helpful.