Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kamila Now Uses Free Link Sites

Kamila looks like she will be spending more time on getting back links as she aims to get a PR3 for the next Google assessment. Finding high PR sites to get back links on isn’t that difficult.

She has already opened an account now with two free link sites Link2me and Linkmarket where she can pick and choose which sites she wants to exchange links with. This way they will be also relevant to Kamila’s site. She already has a few that she has exchanged with but has refused more than she has taken on.

Kamila has found that it does take a little time out of your day to do this, but it pays dividends in the long run. She now makes it part of her daily routine to check these two sites for new links she can request and of course sites that have requested her link. The beauty is this service is free but you do have the option to pay for a premium service with all the trimmings. Kamila is quite happy doing a little each day rather than subscribe and overload her site.

Little by little regularly seems to be the key to success in blogging.

“Take Care,” says Kamila.

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