Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kamila Secures Another PR5 Back Link

Kamila Secures Another PR5 Back LinkKamila always has that ‘feel good factor’ when she submits here blog into a directory and gets accepted. Today is one of those days and it is an even better feeling know that the directory called the Super Blog directory is a PR5.

Many directories just accept Kamila blog link without much vetting, surely that is a sign that the directory doesn‘t care too much about quality blogs it lists. Kamila still applies for all directories she can lay her hands on, but quality directories are more likely to get you visitors.

Kamila Secures Another PR5 Back LinkIt is always in Kamila’s mind that all this work will pay dividends later in the years when Google see the array of high ranking back-links she has accumulated. As Kamila has said before, it is all about doing a little each day rather than sporadic cramming. She is right you know!

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