Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kamila To Pay For A Holiday From Blog Earnings

Vacation village on the Black Sea coast

Today Kamila was walking in the garden and her mind was in the clouds, except there weren’t any clouds that we could see, it was a clear blue sky with radiant sunshine streaming down on this camel blogger. The clouds were clouds of though I her mind. We asked her what was on her mind.

Kamila paused and looked at us for a moment as if her thoughts were being gathered together. She told us that she was thinking of taking us on a weekend trip to the Black Sea Coast later in the summer from the earnings she makes from blogging.

We thanked here for the thought, but said that she was very optimistic that she could earn enough to cover the costs of a weekend break. Kamila insisted that from a couple of sponsored post alongside Entrecard and Adgitize payments. She could afford the petrol to get us there the small amount of rent to place out tent and enough for food that we could easily make at home and take with us. There would probably be enough for a couple of ice creams and snacks as well.

Well Kamila was right, weekend camping trip covering all costs to the Black Sea Coast for two people and a camel if done the Bulgarian way could be achieved. $50 would cover everything and that could easily be earned.

Kamila gathered her thoughts again and went back to her laptop with a new incentive, to treat her Bulgarian family to a weekend holiday probably in August or September. That would be lovely and everyone would be happy.

Image by Boby Dimitrov via Flickr
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3 comments: on "Kamila To Pay For A Holiday From Blog Earnings"

Daisy said...

Good luck with your goal, Kamila.

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Kamila The Camel said...

Thank you Daisy. I lovfe you blog, I see you on it it everyday. You nickname curly suits you.