Friday, 12 June 2009

Winding Down For The Weekend - Not Kamila!

Winding down the week is never the case for Kamila. She always likes to make sure she can enjoy the weekend with the knowledge that she has earned her rest. Friday is a day where she can have a work surge in effort and sign off the evening tired. The tired feeling is a good one, as then she will be looking forward to the relaxation that following two days called “The weekend.”

Today the surge was on Entrecard drops. She has been dropping regularly, but the droppers on her have remains static, so Kamila decided to have a spurge to try and get some more that will exchange more often. Also, she has put in a few more directory listings, boring work, but pays dividends in the long run.

Also Kamila has noticed that her Project Wonderful sponsors have been upping the bids somewhat. She is not quite sure why as her traffic hasn’t increased substantially and that’s what most sponsor bid on.

Anyway, a tired Kamila will sleep well tonight and tomorrow she is to have two days in a row off. No point in scraping the bottom of the energy barrel.

“Enjoy your weekend!” Says Kamila.

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