Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Adgitize Down But The Trust Still There

Kamila was taken aback when she found out that Adgitize was down. She thought it was a little hiccup, but a full 24 hours she started thinking that something was terribly wrong. This happened last year and Ken Brown (The Chief) was quick to compensate the community once back up and running. Kamila knows that he will do the same this time when the server is back up.

Funny, but whenever there is something Kamila wants to know about Adgitize, she only has to turn to Cornyman’s Money Blog and Martin is on the ball and up to date with all that goes on there. It is almost as if Martin is Ken Brown’s right hand man!All said and done,

Kamila knows that Ken is one person she would trust on the web. He has always been open and obliging in every aspect and listens to his created community. Kamila know there is a good reason for the server letting him down and she is just waiting for him to get back up again and back in business.

This should not put people off from joining Adgitize; Kamila can confidently say that Adgitize has always been and remains to be the most cost effective way of getting traffic and earning from it at the same time.

Kamila says ‘Come on Ken, we’re all behind you.

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1 comments: on "Adgitize Down But The Trust Still There"

cornyman said...

Thanks for mentioning me in this way, Martin :)

Adgitize is back again. At the moment i have only trouble with renewing the ad. There seems to be still a connection problem, so my ad can't show up and i guess i have to click 100 ads ;)