Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Thai Massage - Good For Camel Humps?

Thai Massage -  Good For Camel Humps?
Kamila has a few expatriate friends in Thailand and she often visits their blogs that give a great insight to that part of the world. It may sound quite strange but the habits and traditions of the Thai peoples are quite close to the way things are in Bulgaria.

It came to Kamila’s notice that many people have a lot to learn from foreign cultures such as Bulgarian and Thai regions. They both have a family based society that cares for each other; this is vital in poverty stricken societies of which both have in common.

The health is also very important and in Bulgaria and Thailand many people live to a ripe of age, not just down to diet but lifestyle and alternative medical practices. One alternative method of medical practice that stood out from Thailand to Kamila was the Thai massage. She had read a few accounts of this particular style of massage in a few blogs last year and it was still fresh in her mind when she saw that there was a thai massage video available. You don’t’ have to spend wads of money with thai massage training as you can do-it-yourself using the video and get the benefits free of charge once mastered.

Thai massage is reputed to be one of the best forms of massage and reaches parts other massages can’t reach and that for Kamila may be of benefit to her hump, which has been suffering a bit in the Bulgarian winter.

Kamila is quite keen to learn, but camel hoofs aren’t quite up to Thai Massage practices so she is at a disadvantage. But to someone who has hands the skills learnt could quite easily be a money earner if the massage is practices on paying guests.

“Now there’s an idea!” Kamila says

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2 comments: on "Thai Massage - Good For Camel Humps?"

Sher said...

Hi Kamila,
Great post! And love your new blog theme!!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

RNSANE said...

I do love massage! It is so expensive most places in the U. S. - most definitely in San Francisco but, when I'm traveling elsewhere in the world, I take advantage of the lower costs...like Thailand, Bali, Turkey!