Saturday, 2 January 2010

EC Top 10 Drop Parade For December 2009

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Top Entrecard droppers for December 2009 have been assessed and Martin's blog All about Babies and Kids has edged out all contenders by one extra drop this month. Cornyman certain is on the ball in EC drops and consistantly is in the top hit parade not just on Kamila's site but many other blogs. If ever there wa sa dedicated Entrecard dude it is Martin.

A big thank you from Kamila again for all her loyal EC droppers who have been duly rewarded with credits as the norm on a monthly basis. Buy some ads and get seen even more with them!

2009 has beenan up and down year for Kamila ans she hopes to consolidate her blog learning and take it forward in 2010 as mentioned on the previous post.

It just remains to wish everyone success not just in bloggin but in life through the coming year.

Here's the Top 10 EC Drop Parade:
Dropper # of drops
All about Babies and Kids 31
Winesworld's blog 30
Best travel pictures in the world 30
Cornymans Blogreviews 30
Funky Town Disco Music 30
Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence 30
The One Minute Guide 30
One World Realty 30
Sparkle 28
Doing Business 20
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6 comments: on "EC Top 10 Drop Parade For December 2009"

cornyman said...

As a round-up i just can say, visit the blogs with interesting stories and blogs which are likely to reciprocate drops (and are members of Dropaholics and this is matching with your blogs (even if you're not there on the weekends).

Thanks for mentioning our blogs and for the ECs!

Wish you a successful year 2010!

Sparkle said...

What a pleasant surprise, especially since I'm new to ec and still learning the ropes.

Thanks for the nod, the ECs, and your blog! Purrrs.

RNSANE said...

I find it really annoying when I go to a blog to drop and entrecard has "get one" posted and you can't drop!

Funky Town Disco Music 70s said...

благодаря, приятен камила :)

doing business said...

thanks for mentioning my blog :) btw your new temp is very good

Mizé said...

EC is a really cool community! Thanks for returning my drops.
A good year ahead and much success for Kamila´s blog.
I like the new template, very professional
Regards, Mizé.