Thursday, 31 December 2009

Looking Back And Forward In Blogging

Looking Back And Forward In Blogging

Kamila has been looking back and looking forward with the blogging bug that she has firmly established. It has been a great year for learning about earning money online for Kamila. The biggest reward was the learning curve that has been made from this point last year. Many things have happened and been experimented on and mistakes made, this is how we all learn.

In the coming new year of 2010, Kamila hopes to continue in the same way looking at new ideas, and perhaps revamping old one to make life a little easier with some income from blogging. She has always said that making lots of money is very difficult but making little and often is quite easy and Kamila is more than content with the latter. Greedy is something Kamila certainly isn’t.

Looking Back And Forward In BloggingNew Year will be celebrated in Yambol with friends and family then its off to the village farmhouse which has not been visited for three weeks. There should be snowdrops with this warm spell we have had so it will be a pretty place to be for a couple of day. Besides which all Kamila’s family need a little rest for the partying and fully charged body and mind batteries for the working year ahead.

In the meantime Kamila wishes all bloggers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and she hopes that the sun shines of your blog for the whole of 2010 and beyond.

No Internet for Kamila this weekend and she hopes that her faithful EC droppers continue whilst she is offline.

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3 comments: on "Looking Back And Forward In Blogging"

RNSANE said...

How nice to have a little break with family and friends for the New Year. May 2010 bring with it many blessings and successes.

cornyman said...

Happy New Year to Kamila, Martin and his family!

May your blog prosper and grow like it is your wish for 2010!

Nice to have you found here from EntreCard in 2009!

Hilda said...

I hope that Kamila and all of you have a wonderful and peaceful time at the farmhouse.

Wishing you a new year blessed with joy, peace, prosperity, good health and much, much love.