Monday, 7 December 2009

Hibernation? - Not With Blogging

Church of St Nicholas by winter, Yambol, BulgariaYambol's St Nicholas Church

Kamila took a break this weekend, she didn’t go to the village but stayed in town of Yambol with friends who she hadn’t seen for ages. A late night Saturday saw Sunday curtailed with a lie in until midday and why not? Winter here in Bulgaria is all about recovering from the spring, summer and autumn preceding it. It is non-stop for nine months of the year and the period of semi- hibernation has to happen as he batteries need recharging.
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It is a tired camel who has not only been blogging but working really hard to survive the coming winter with food and finance for the bills that naturally rise during this season of cold.

The blogging will continue throughout the winter with the hope of a competition or tow that she can win. Currently Kamila is in two minds whether to subscribe to Adgitize this month. She and here team earned just under the $24 dollar that was paid, it is a great return for the traffic that is generated, but the fee could more than cover filling a bottle of gas for heating for a month which is more important than near on a 100 visits each day from the traffic generated advertising. She will decide when the request comes in a week or so.

Entrecard is still going strong, Kamila drops on about 30 a day, time is a big problem with this and she is just on tick over right now. She always drops on those who drop on her, that’s only fair.

Finally, Kamila helped out on a new blogger template on one of her team member’s blog ‘Dosh For U’. We are all very pleased with the result although it is not quite finalised yet. It took a whole afternoon and evening. Kamila invites you to look at the result on the link given.
“All for now and don’t’ get drawn into
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