Saturday, 26 July 2008

Hats On

Oh dear, first it was the sunglasses now Kamila had caught sight of a big summer hat, now being a lady camel it took to her eye. "I must try that hat!" were the word that came out. Being such a pretty camel it was only natural she she have a pretty hat to wear.

"You look lovely in that hat Kamila," we all a said.

"It's a bit big," was the reply as Kamila started parading up and down in the new attire.

"Well Kamila, there isn't a great demand in hats for camels," we confessed.

On this Kamila was quite happy with the big hat, she said it would go well with the sunglasses that she hope to get for here birthday.

"We'll see," we said as Kamila went dreaming of a camelwalk (or catwalk) career.
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