Monday, 14 July 2008

Cobblestoned Streets

It was with a great interest that Kamila took to the streets of Yambol to discover that the roads were very different to where she came from. Kamila had never seen cobblestones before and commented on how pretty they were as they laid in curved patterned on the road.

"Why is the road higher in the middle and lower at the sides?" Kamila asked.

"When it rains the water runs to the side into the drains that are there so there are no big puddles in the middle of the road. It is called a camber" we said.

"Oh," said Kamila as she looked closer at the cobblestones. "These roads must last for years," was the next comment after a great deal of thinking.

"Yes, maybe centuries old," we added.

Kamila now was quite happy that Yambol was covered with cobblestones as she skipped from one cobblestone to the next. She was small enough to do this and this now what she does every time she goes down trhe street, not a walk but a skip on the cobblestoned streets of Yambol.

What a joyful and now more educated camel she is.

An interesting link about the cobblestoned streets of Yambol here Cobblestoned Yambol
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