Sunday, 13 July 2008

Traffic Jam

Kamila knows what cars are she has seen many before now. What she didn't realise was that cars go very fast. The reason for this is that up until now the only cars she had seen were the countless number in Regents Street, London. She used to sit in the Hamley's toy shop window watching them go past for months on end. Al the cars were either not moving or going very slowly.

Kamila was told that cars couldn't go fast there because there were too many cars. When this happens this is called a traffic jam.

We also explained that in Bulgaria, there aren't any traffic jams as there are less cars. We don't have the money for cars let alone four to five cars for each family as in the UK.

Kamila listened very carefully to all we said and seemed to understand now why she thought cars only go slow.

After a great deal of thought and now sitting herself on the warm bonnet of our lada parked on the pavement, she said, "Well, I glad we don't get traffic jam here, it wouldn't taste very nice."

Kamila took a little pause to think again and added, "I don't think traffic jam would be like the food in Bulgaria because it also doesn't sound natural and healthy."

Well Kamila did get the wrong end of the stick, but she is right! We didn't say anything after that, Kamila was very happy to believe what she now thinks. What a very thoughtful camel she is!
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