Friday, 18 July 2008


The microwave oven has been in the kitchen now for nearly a year and it was with great interest that Kamila asked what it was for.

We tried to tell her that is was fro heating and cooking food, but Kamila couldn't see how something could be heated up without a fire.

Now Kamila was clever, but trying to explain the workings of a microwave was going to be difficult. So we lifted her up and opened the door showing her inside the microwave. We explained that it was quite complicated any many people even intelligent people don't really know how this works but everyone knows that it doesn't work unless the door is shut because it gets very hot inside. It's a bit like getting zapped with a laser gun once the door is shut.

On this Kamila swiftly asked if she could get down and back to her seat. She said that she didn't want to get zapped and she would feel safer away from the microwave.

We are sure she now thinks that there are little aliens waiting for a signal to zap whatever comes into the microwave and the signal to shoot is the door being shut. Well this is quite close to what happens in a microwave and that will do for Kamila at the moment.
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