Friday, 11 July 2008

Water on Tap

There are some things Kamila finds out about that are very different from where she comes from. Water is something that she has had to store when she can. It can be days, even weeks before she comes across water to drink in the deserts of Egypt.

Today Kamila saw a pipe with a tap on and turned it. Out came gushing water, she couldn't believe it was that simple to get water. Not only that water at any time of the day or night and it didn't even have to rain for supplies of it.

We explained that sometimes we get cut off and it is only the foreigners that come here that complain. They come from places that are used to non stop water we explained. Kamila said she was a foreigner and she woudn't complain from being cut off. And who could blame her, after all she has come from a place where water is rare.

It is a very lucky Kamila who now can have a drink whenever she wants.

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1 comments: on "Water on Tap"

Bikran said...

very interesting write written hilariously i liked the kamila the camel indeed she is lucky