Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chance To Win 4000 EC Credits - Just Comment

Before Kamila starts anything, she is all confused as from being a PR2 then apparently sandboxed by Google to a PR0. She now finds herself with a PR3! This is a complete mystery throughout all the changes, which leads Kamila into thinking that Google really is beyond confusing.

How long her PR3 lasts is another matter. It could be a few days or weeks. Who knows, or more to the point who cares? Kamila has gone beyond that now. At least she might get a few decent Pay Per Post jobs while it last!

Kamila asks is you can check out these past articles from her blog and give some comments on them. Kamila has been reflecting on the year and sometimes forgets how much learning has gone on in that time. I was such a good time reflecting on what has happened and she hopes you can enjoy them as well.

This is in conjunction with Cornymans Money-Blog and the 1,000,00 EC competition that starts today. can win 4.000 ECs, for each comment with 3 to 4 sentences. You need to read the rules first which can be found on Cornymans Money-Blog. Kamila hopes you can put some constructive comments for her where you have a chance to win 4000 EC credits this week.

A summary of the prizes are that the first 40 comments will get each 75 EC + 2 members can win 500 EC - (totalling 4.000 EC)

Wishing you all the best all the time along with good luck
- Kamila -

The four articles Kamila would like you to comment on are:

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7 comments: on "Chance To Win 4000 EC Credits - Just Comment"

cornyman said...

Hey Kamila,

this happened last week also to my blog... i lost my PR 1 and then some days later it was back again.

Be happy and enjoy the new trophy and our contest!

the cat./dog log said...

congrats Kamila on your PR recovery - that is wonderful news and we hope it sticks to you like glue. Have a great day.
Abby, Rosie, Gidget and Lola

Joy said...

PR is a very confusing thing... I don't really understand either. Only Google knows. I'm glad yours came back though! Good job.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!
if you like, come back and visit mine: http://albumdeestampillas.blogspot.com

Pablo from Argentina

yashiro said...

Yeah that's good for you. Mine was never recovered. I lost it a few months ago and hoped that it'll be post back but sorry for me it did not.

SANDY said...

I've been a PR 2 for a long time, can't figure out why I don't move up to a 3. My Alexa ranking has improved lots and is lower than many with higher google ranks I see. I don't get it at all, so am no help to you in understanding what happened.

I've tried several times to find out what the rules of the huge contest were; but everytime I went found only lists of those sponsors, after a while I sorta lost interest in continuing to check.

Good luck to you

Margaret Elmendorf said...

Good for you to get your PR back. Wish I could at least get in the top ten. But congrats to you.