Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Valentine Card Arrives for Kamila

A Valentine Card Arrives for Kamila
This weekend, Kamila was in deep thought for most of it. this deep though came about when a card turned addressed to Kamila early on Saturday morning. I wasn't her birthday or name day, but she did know that it was Valentine's Day. She knew this because the television was getting on here nerves telling people to buy things for Valentine Day. She also knew that it wasn't a Bulgarian tradition as today was Trifon Day, where the first cut of the vines takes place. Somehow Kamila felt sorry for Trifon the vine cutting legend as Valentine Day has become far more important in Bulgaria.

"It is such a shame that this Bulgarian tradition going back hundreds of years is being spoiled by commercialism," Kamila announced as she opened the card.

He mind now was focused on the card, which was sent from someone called S.L. Kamila blushed as she read the message of love and wanted to know who S.L. was. "It could stand for Secret Lover." we suggested.

Kamila from that point started here deep thoughts. "There is someone out there who is my Valentine, and I want to know who," Kamila said.

"Well, you're just have to wait until he shows up Kamila. You are very lucky that you have an admirer."

"Yes, but I might not like him," Kamila whispered. Perhaps that why she was deep in thought.

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6 comments: on "A Valentine Card Arrives for Kamila"

Save Moki said...

Hi Kamila,

It's nice to meet you! I love the pic and hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

Mark Daymond said...

I hope Kamila enjoyed her Valentine's Day card!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Kamila says that iot warms her heart to know that someone loves here. It remains a mystery though.

EdZee said...

Almost seven (7) months after Valentine's Day this year, had Kamila identified "S.L."? Let me guess. If S.L. is not "Secret Lover" anymore, then he should be "Serious Lover" now. Am I correct?

Margaret Elmendorf said...

Wow, Kamila, you are very lucky to get a Valentine's card. It is too bad that it gets in the way of the older holiday.

John @ Family, Fitness and Finances said...

Kamila, you are one lucky camel. There are many humans who never experience a secret admirer. Cherish your card always.