Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Galileo Thermometer - Either All Up Or All Down

Galileo Thermometer - Either All Up Or All DownKamila knows all about the weather and temperatures in Bulgaria, she has now been through a summer and nearly at the end of a winter. There is one thing that rings a bell in her head about the Bulgarian weather and that is, it is either too hot or too cold.

In the kitchen Kamila noticed that we have a Galileo thermometer there. It was brought over from England. It shows the temperature by the glass air filled globes that rise and fall in the alcohol filled glass cyclinder. The temperatures range from 18 C to 28 C.

Kamila has found that this is no use in Bulgaria as the glass globes are either all up in the winter or all down in the summer. What is does tell you is whether it is summer or winter, not what temperature it is!

Well Kamila is dead right, it just doesn't work in extreme temperatures, bt she did add that it was pretty.
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