Sunday, 1 February 2009

Skalitsa Healing Stones

Skalitsa Healing Stones
"What's that rock you're sitting on Kamila?" is the inevitable question that will be asked looking at the photograph.

Well, Kamila knows that this is no ordinary rock. She has been told the full story behind the stones and knows full well what powers this stone has. Kamila, being a sensible camel, was rather confused when we told here the story about some healing stones in Skalitsa. It was only when a kind of miracle happened that Kamila realised that these were special stones that had 'magical' healing qualities.

The story is told on another blog in full, but basically, the stones heal many types of illnesses, from rheumatism to hangovers, if laid on for a while. They are a phenomenon that Skalitsa holds and only one other place in the world does this phenomenon happen, somewhere in Mexico.

Kamila is quite happy now that we have one of the healing stones in the house, both in the Skalitsa village and in our Yambol house. As Kamila now says, "Gone are the days of illnesses."

Well the stones have only been in place for a few days and everyone is fine right now. Galia did have a bit of flu until the stone was brought in the house and it cleared up the very next day. Kamila was witness to this and many other healing that the stones have brought.

Yet another surprise that Kamila has experienced here in Bulgaria, we had known about these healing stones for years, but this was all new to Kamila.

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