Sunday, 8 February 2009

Water Back up System In The Village

Water Back up System In The Village
It was a very happy Kamila who had travelled with us this weekend to the Skalitsa farmhouse. It was like a summer weekend as we all worked pruning the vines and cutting them up for firewood tinder for next winter.

In the kitchen Kamila noticed a barrel in the kitchen. "Are you making wine?" was the question after figuring out what was written on the barrel.

"No, there's just water in the barrel." we said. She was quite curious as to why we have all this water when the water runs form the tap less than 2 metres away.

We had to explain that we often get cut off with water and the barrel is our back up system. Kamila understands too well what it is like to be without water for days on end, she has her own water reserve as well!

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1 comments: on "Water Back up System In The Village"

Web-OJ said...

What a fantastic idea for a blog.

I know Kamila can do without water for a long time. How `bout wine? Lol!