Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kamila In Competition Mode

Kamila In Competition ModeKamila has yet again been dropped to a PR0. This now has become a yo-yo of events for her as she was a PR2 then a PR0 then a PR3 then a PR2 again and now a PR0 again, and all in the space of a month!

This aside and still gloating about the Adgitize money she got this month, Kamila is now onto a new venture in her spare time. She is now entering competitions to try and win things. She got the idea off a post from Dosh For U where the suggestion of entering all competition that are free and the more you do the better you get at it and the more chance you have to win something.
So in addition to blogging and of course bog competitions as well, Kamila is surfing for competitions sites that give lists of competitions to enter.

Don't forget Cornymans Money-Blog and the 1,000,00 EC competition should also be the first your enter!

There is a four-day holiday in Bulgaria from Saturday to Tuesday and she will be in the village farmhouse harvesting grapes with her friends. There is no Internet there so please forgive Kamila not dropping for that time. She will return on Wednesday with hoof aloof dropping as usual.

“Love to all,” says Kamila

By the way Kamila got an email from Entrecard saying they have introduced a referral program for members with 300 credits for referrals made. If you aren’t a member you won’t know about this if you are then you should. EC Credits don’t seem to have the value they used to have somehow Kamila feels.
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1 comments: on "Kamila In Competition Mode"

cornyman said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, i think it's really worth taking part in competition and blog contests, especially if they have cash prizes over and over!

Our contest offers 5$ weekly for a random winner, just for leaving up to four comments (each comment is one entry)... or you can get 100 EC for one comment