Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pig Flu Is Here, But Not For Camels

Kamila has been left on her own in the Yambol house recently as she had to personally look after Baba as everyone else is out working for a living now. Blogging time has been reduced somewhat, but she still drops on Adgitize and Entrecard daily and in the evenings surfs for a bit of a read. Competition entries are still done albeit in a bit of a rush, but you never know, winning might come one day.

It is a strange time for Kamila who now finds herself still at the village farmhouse at weekends (without Internet) keeping up to date with the local village gossip. There has been a lot of talk here about pig flu and the imminent threat of an epidemic here in Yambol. It is a relieved camel who knows that she can't get the virus, but her friends and family are certainly at risk here. We all hope that is all hype.

"Will write after the weekend" says Kamila.

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2 comments: on "Pig Flu Is Here, But Not For Camels"

aria said...

of course..pig flu just for pig (n human), but not for camel :) take care your health n increase our body protection by exercise, healthy food, and multivitamin

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Nice to know that you won't be getting sick, Kamilla!