Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hero EC Droppers For October 2009

Kamila is pround to present the top droppers on Entrecard for October, Each month Kamila reward those loyal bloggers with EC credits. The top ten get 100 EC credit and the number one dropper which is BetterSpines this month gets 200 extra as a bonus.

Kamila thanks all those who have made the effort to drop on a regular basis. Time is a valuable resource in this day and age and appreciation for this time is greatfully received. Kamila know that this current time for Entrecard and members is difficult, but the principle of decent bloggers helping each other still stands firm. "Long may it remain intact!" says Kamila.

The EC dropper heroes this month are as follows:

BetterSpines - 31 Drops

A Chiropractor's views on health and fitness; a diabetic with a dodgy heart; things that interest me.

Winesworld's blog - 31 Drops

Winesworld is a friendly wine guide for amateurs, by amateurs. We will blog about travel in Scandinavia, food & wine and other Scandinavian ways of doing things.

Funky Town Disco Music - 31 Drops

Funky Town Disco Music 70s 80s Funky Soul Jazz Pop Music, Old Vinyls Record. If you do not like the usual music, this is the right blog, welcome. Who was born with this music, hardly forget..and others,enjoy.

Akila's Blog - 30 Drops

This is the personal web blog of Akila Mendis

Picture to People - 28 Drops

Researches about Computer Graphics.
New free software for graphics.
Hot free graphic effects.

EzGreatLife - 27 Drops

This site is about life, family and getting fit, both physically and financially. Discussing any and all aspects of attaining a great life.

Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence - 27 Drops

All you want to know about being financial independent... Saving, investing, earning money worldwide opportunities for your personal finances!

One World Realty - 26 Drops

a blog on real estate, investment tips on realty, business advice on real estate and everything about real estate services in the Philippines

Doing Business - 25 Drops

all about online business,make money online,or something like that.

eastcoastlife - 24 Drops

Turned away, threatened, silenced.... a woman's determination to save her only son and expose the dark side of the civil service!!
I drop cards EVERYDAY and only to those who drop back. If you want to exchange daily drops, leave a message. Blog awards winner. Good traffic to my blog.

Quantum Indonesia Translogistic

about freight forwarding, transportation, export, import, cpo, coffee, sea transportation, air transportation, financial news

All 2 Read

Everything You Need to Read - All2 Read

Daisy the Curly Cat

A photo-journal from Daisy, the Devon Rex cat. She's a good cat, but she's not always a nice cat! Visit daily to see her zany antics and adventures.

Anything Goes W/ Pahn

Anything Goes w/ Pahn is a personal website of Pahn to weblog his views, opinion and some story to the world wide web.

Tips n Wrinkles - Save Money and The World

This site gives valuable advice on saving money, time and effort with a view of conservation always in the forefront. You will be that much wiser after reading each article.

Best travel pictures in the world

During my travels and holidays i take a lot of pictures, the most amazing pictures will be shown on my blog (my brother's blog!)

50 50 Deals - Sensible Shopping

This is a site about shopping and what is useful to saving you time and money. There are places for a bit of fun as well.

Anna's Adornments

Anna's Adornments is all about the joys of jewellery-making.
This blog serves as a companion to my online shops where you can order and purchase many of the pieces of jewellery that I will be writing about here.

Living naturally, with pets

Natural, chemical-free health and home tips for you and your pet.

Bulgarian Scrapbook

All about what is going on as it happens in Bulgaria. Little bits and pieces picked up along the way that are of interest whether political, cultural or just plain funny.

Dosh For U - Extra Money Tips

A blog site giving lots of ideas on how to make extra money. This is not a get rich quick type of site but a sensible source for making more dosh. It covers both online and offline work.

The Sewing Mom

Personal blog showcasing my fabric creations. I also talk about family, friends, hobbies, cooking and daily life.

The One Minute Guide

The One Minute Guide gives you a short view on a specific topic. It can be anything from Blogging tips, Health, Make money, Traffic generating and guides/tutorials for software and websites.

A Maiden's Testimony

"A maiden's true-to-life confessions of her journey. A never-ending cycle of her dreams and wishes sparkling with beauty and fate. Bounded by God's words and kinship."

Blog and forums focusing on technology, internet, computers, programming and gaming.

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5 comments: on "Hero EC Droppers For October 2009"

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Thank you for your wonderful generosity. To be rewarded for doing what I enjoy is a great feeling. Thank you so much.

Daisy said...

Thanks for the linkie, Kamila!

cornyman said...

Thanks for the reward and the link love :)

Always great to read your articles!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

"It is you all who need to be thanked. I'm just having fun here," says Kamila.

Blogger said...

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