Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Kamila Is Over The Moon With A PR3, But Only For A Moment

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Kamila Is Over The Moon With A PR3, But Only For Moment

Kamila couldn’t believe her large brown slanted camel eyes this week. Google must have got fed up with her complaining about them and have awarded her a new PR3. After all the ups and down over recent months, this should now her ranking for at least until the New Year. Funny how Kamila doesn’t really care about Google PR when she is at PR0, but now wears a PR3 with pride. This didn't last long however.

This of course causes more problems on how to go about making money with her blog now. Does she now take up the offers from paid blog reviews, which are coming through, or does she tread carefully to protect her higher PR ranking? The problem lies in that fact that Kamila has to make money and paid blog reviews are the biggest earners by far. “A good PR from Google doesn’t pay the bills!” says Kamila in the background as I now type it out. She is so right though.

Kamila Is Over The Moon With A PR3, But Only For MomentI know Kamila very well now and I know deep down she feels that Google are too big for their boots. So I feel Kamila will carry on in the same way taking decently paid offer for paid blogging reviews. If she fall down on PR again then so be it, her Alexa rank remains constant and it doesn’t affect traffic she gets. In reality Kamila’s mind is saying that Google will not be in control of her and that’s a good attitude from a Camel who really doesn’t seem to have come of age recently.

Just to add, a recommendation was given by an Entrecard member Funky Town Disco Music a highly entertaining blog which Kamila visits regularly
“Interesting articles written in simple and comprehensive by the most famous Camel in Bulgaria. Visit her blog and read her articles. Recommended.”

Kamila’s heart glowed when she saw this and of course approved it for publication.

“Chin up Everyone, Google isn’t God you know!” says Kamila.
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4 comments: on "Kamila Is Over The Moon With A PR3, But Only For A Moment"

Daisy said...

Way to go, Kamila!

wildcatsthree said...

Nice going Kamila. We do the occassional paid post too and understand the dilema you're in. A good PR let's you get more offers and yet you have to be careful not to offend Google. And thanks for adding us to your blogroll - we have added you to ours also.

cornyman said...

After you wrote this blog post i checked the PR for my blogs, too. I lost last time on all four blogs my PR.
Now on three i got PR2, the other one remains at the moment without PR.

It's really strange how they perform their Ranking as i use to loose on every second PR-Update my PR for the Money-Blog.

Blogger said...

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