Sunday, 22 November 2009

Another $100 From AdSense Due Before Christmas

Another $100 From AdSense Due Before ChristmasDay to day is how Kamila is taking thing right now. Who knows what will happen in the future is the though that is fixed in her mid this weekend as she takes a couple of days break from blogging. Who would have thought Kamila would have ended up in Bulgaria as a blogger two years ago?

AdSense came to mind as Kamila’s mind wandered into money making ideas. This week saw the AdSense account nudge over $100 and therefore a payment is due through Western Union before Christmas. What great timing! This is the second $100 plus payment by AdSense over the year and of course once set up is a passive form of earning. Kamila knows that on average only a few cents a day are made, it can be 10 days on occasions where nothing is earned then suddenly $2-3 dollars are made in a day!

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Not being an expert by any means on AdSense, Kamila knows that is she took the AdSense tips that are given on many money making blogs she could make a bit more out of it. This does mean that she would be writing centring on AdSense keywords rather than having a free hand and free willed. But on the other hand what is she doing when she write paid reviews anyway? It is no different and of course Google don’t look as serious at directed key-worded AdSense posting.

Kamila did dabble with AdBrite but found that this really didn’t make any money at all and the ads were a bit naughty on occasions. So she stuck with AdSense and of course has built up a little money for Christmas not for present, but to cover fuel for heating.

Kamila says, "Well worth the wait from AdSense!"
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