Sunday, 8 November 2009

Paid Blog Reviews That Don't Discriminate Against Low Google PR

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Kamila has found herself being penalised for having a Google PR of '0' by both Blog Reviews and Pay Per Post, that is bar the $1 and sub $1 offers which Kamila refuse to entertain on principle of being manipulated. There are no earning now forthcoming form this kind of venture and her earning are no solely from Adgitize, CMF, Project Wonderful and Google Adsense. Apart from Adgitize who wins by a mile in payout and traffic, (see Kamila’s last post), the rest just pay nominal especially is you pay for additional ads in return which Kamila does.

Paid Blog Review That Don't Discriminate Against Low Google PRThere are for course the Kamila competition entries, but this is not for money, but for back links, prizes that she has no control over and of course a great deal of luck which she cant’ rely on. This now leads to a question from Kamila to other fellow bloggers. This question is:
Does anyone know of companies that pay for blog reviews from a blogspot sub domain blogger that doesn’t take Google PR into account?

I’m sure there are literally hundreds of others who would like to know. Kamila understands that if there are bloggers who use such a pay review system they might want to dissuade other members to sign up that would increase competition. But then there might be a referral reward in place, if so Kamila would of course quote the referrer in every case.
“Thanks for your help in advance,” says Kamila
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4 comments: on "Paid Blog Reviews That Don't Discriminate Against Low Google PR"

cornyman said...

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UberGrumpy said...

Camel BLOG???!?? Gotta love that next blog button. Keep it up!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Thanks Martin, Kamila will havde mor than a peep at this. Take care.

Blogger said...

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