Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kamila Looking At a New Blog Face

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Not a week goes by when Kamila looks at how things are going with her blog and reflects on how it can improve. She is not just talking about increased traffic but the overall way her blog looks. It may seem ‘okay’ for new visitors, but to those who visit regularly perhaps it has become to static and needs a new look or style.

Being a ‘blogger’ blogger and on a free web host service the things she can do to spic up her site are surprisingly quite diverse. Kamila found that she can completely change the look of her blog, have sub-menus and broaden her whole blog outlook by using other Blogger designed formats from web designers who are giving them away free. There are hundreds of them to choose from and most absolutely free, albeit the designers name has to be at the foot of the home page – fair do. (E.g.

With most of these new designs you have to save all you ‘extra add on’ bits and load in again onto the new format. Kamila just doesn’t feel confident enough to do this just yet, but might just experiment with a test site from Blogger. It is free do so she has nothing to lose.

On another front Kamila is also looking at how things are at home in Egypt. The reason was she saw a documentary all about her homeland on television the other day. She still feels that she is indeed fortunate not to be a camel carrier this is a hard life for a camel. She’d much rather be in Bulgaria as a blogging camel writing about it.

Kamila says “ I hope your December is a happy and joyful one!”
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