Friday, 2 January 2009

A Fashionable Handbag for Kamila

A Fashionable Handbag for KamilaBeing a female camel Kamila naturally has an eye for fashion. Now it happens that Bulgarian women, especially in the towns and cities have a passion for fashion, but can't afford the brand names so settle for copies of brand names. To be quite honest they are exactly the same as the originals but as a fraction of the cost.

Kamila having now been shopping has seen the fashionable copies of goods in the shops, all at very reasonable prices and decided that a handbag to match her clothing would be a very good accessory.

They don't have New Year sales here, but that never stops women, including female camels, window-shopping everyday in Bulgaria. Kamila was on her way with us out shopping to find a matching handbag.

Five hours later (this is the normal time taken to shop for most Bulgarian women for one fashionable item) the perfect handbag was found and bought and as a result there is now one very happy Kamila. She can now take all the personal things women take with them every time she go out like all the other women.

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