Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Salads Galore for Kamila

Salads Galore for Kamila
Who said you have to have salads only in the summer? One of Kamila's favourite foods is salad, they just hit the mark she says whenever a bowl of plate is tucked into.

Right throughout the year salad is part of everyday eating, winter is no exception as all the vegetables are persevered in big barrels or in bottle and jars. Right now in temperatures going down to -10 C salads taste just as good as they do in the summer, Kamila can't really believe this is the case.

"Of all the salads, I like the cabbage and carrot best!" Kamila declared after sampling one of Baba's dishes the other evening.

Yes Kamila, that's what you say now, but you may change your mind later when you try the potato and leek salad tomorrow evening.," we said. "What about the tomato and cucumber and pepper salad you said was the best ever only last week? we added.

"I get a little confused," confessed Kamila. "Every time I eat a salad, it feel like the best thing I have very had every time."

We had to agree and said, "We know exactly what you mean Kamila."

It remains that Kamila is in her element with so many salads being served and has promised to help plant out lots more vegetables in the spring on the farm when the weather gets warmer.

"One more day to go for New Year's Day!" exclaimed Kamila as she tucked in again to the cabbage and carrot salad. "I can't wait for the party tomorrow night!" she added.

"Yes, and you can tuck into that potato and leek salad and claim that to be the best!"

We all laughed as Kamila grinned knowing full well that is exactly what will happen.

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