Monday, 1 December 2008

Kamila On Call with a GSM (Mobile phone)

Kamila On Call with a GSM (Mobile phone)
Kamila is now a very happy camel as she is now part of the Global community that have a mobile phone. In Bulgaria a mobile phone is called a GSM. How did this come about.

It was an early Christmas present as we found a spare GSM whilst doing a bit of tidying up our drawers. It works, it had credit and was just sitting there doing nothing and Kamila came into our minds. We asked her whether she wanted the phone nut she wasn't quite sure how to use it. She also said that most of her friends don't have on so she wouldn't be able to talk to them. Not only that, this wise camel also when on to say that she didn't work and didn't earn any money so how could she pay for credit anyway if it ran out.

Well Kamila is really thinking sensibly now, unlike many others who own GSMs and run up bills they can't afford to pay.

After we had finished tidying up, we sat down with Kamila and showed here what the GSM does and how it works, she picked it up very easily. She found out that is had a couple of fun games and an alarm clock that didn't cost anything and that was more than enough for here to accept the GSM. She said that she will only use the GSM for ringing in case of emergencies, it makes more sense to do that as she sees and talks to everyone for free on a daily basis anyway.

We all had to agree that Kamila is turning out to be a very prudent camel, it must be the Bulgarian influence coming out after having been here for six months now.

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leaisscraphappy said...

Whoa! Just found your blog, Kamila, and...I love it!

bathmate said...

nice posting....i like is really helpful to all...Just found your blog, Kamila, and...I love it!