Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Kamila the New Bulgarian Route Master

Kamila the New Bulgarian Route MasterWe were due to go to Stara Zagora last weekend but forecast for snow put us and we are now due to try again tis coming weekend. Kamila was to come with us as she really doesn't get out enough.

When Kamila found that she was to coming with us, the questons started and the answers were given:

Where is Stara Zagora?
West of Yambol.

How far is it away?
50 Kilometres from Yambol.

How long will it take to get there
About an hour by car.

Is it a big town?

Yes, it is the biggest in the region.

Can we take Eli with us as well?

Of course, as long as you make sure she doesn't get lost.

With all these questions answered Kamila also wanted to know which roads we would have to take. With this we presented her with a map. We showed her where Yambol was and then pointed on to the place on the map where Stara Zagora was.

"Now Kamila, it is you job to find out how we get from Yambol to Stara Zagora, you are the Route Master and tell us which roads to take." we said.

Kamila looked down at the map at all the lines and shaded areas looking confused. All the town were in Bulgarian but she knew the two places we had shown here so it didn't really matter. "Don't worry about a thing," Kamila suddenly said. "I will make sure that we get there safely, you can trust me." she added.

We looked at Kamila as she paced her eyes up and down the map. We wasn't sure that she understood as we said "Okay Kamila, you are in charge of the navigation, we trust you."

(We daren't tell her that we knew the way without a map, but that's out little secret. )

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1 comments: on "Kamila the New Bulgarian Route Master"

Bas - Istanbul Expat said...

Hey Martin,

Have you been there? Do you know about any good/cheap hotels in Stara Zagora? Was thinking of going there last year, but didn't end up going since I couldn't find any hotel information online (only for very expensive hotels if I remember correctly).