Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Plastic Flowers for a Birthday

This day the 4th of November, was a special one for one of the household. It was something that Kamila knew about as recently she was the focus of another special day. It was someone's birthday, Roshden Den (Birthday Day) as they call it here in Bulgaria.

Yesterday Kamila had taken a trip to the shops to buy some chocolates and some flowers, she had been saving up over the last few weeks for this and was very excited at the prospect of giving rather than taking for a change. She originally was going to buy some 'real' flowers but then remembered that they were going to be far too expensive. We suggested she tries the 1 leva shop, which sells plastic flowers as bargain prices and that's exactly where she went.

Today the flowers and chocolates were presented to the birthday Baba who is 85 today. She was extremely happy with the flowers and said that plastic one were far better that the real ones as they last for ever! Kamila's knew exactly what she was talking about as she had experience of the arguement between real and plastic flowers before.

The celebrations will continue this evening after work and more chocolates will be passed around; we had already had some at 7:00 this morning. Kamila is very much looking forward to that, she just loves parties.

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