Tuesday, 28 October 2008

All Smiles This Week

All Smiles This WeekIt was all smiles this week as Kamila looks back over last weekend. We promised her as a Birthday present a trip to Skalitsa to see all her friends that she made there on her holiday in the summer. She was in a village dream world again as she met everyone and caught up with all the news.

Unfortunately a few chickens she used to be friends with her were no longer here. They had been slaughtered and eaten. When Kamila found out, she said that she totally understands that this is how things are here. She went on to comment that they were probably the luckiest chickens in the world with the life they had here. They were totally free range and enjoyed an outdoor life without stress.

Kamila also found out that she may have the opportunity to spend more time here in the spring as many things have to be done here on the land at the beginning of the growing season where her help would be needed. the countdown to spring has already started for Kamila, but she still has to experience a winter in Bulgaria for the first time. We might have to get here some more rugs to sling on her hump soon!

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3 comments: on "All Smiles This Week"

humanobserver said...

A cute one indeed.....