Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A New Friend Called Marta

A New Friend Called Marta
Away from serious matters for a while Kamila has a new friend for life. Marta is a bear of great experience; she has come originally from Scotland, spent some time in England then Cyprus and now finds herself in Bulgaria. Who knows where else she will end up?

Kamila took to her straight away and a series of never ending questions from Kamila were fired at Martha. Kamila with her inquisitive mind wanted to know all about her past adventures. They do have the common fact that they were both in London for a while and stories and comparisons made from that.

It remains that Kamila has a growing family now in Bulgaria, this make her feel like it is home for her. Eli her other best friend is always with her and she has many friends in Skalitsa village at the farmhouse.

Watching from the outside we can see that Kamila doesn't have time to sit and think anymore she is too busy doing things with all her friends and helping people here. That is heart-warming to see.

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